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Printing Business

Relief printing

The printing area that carries ink stands up higher than the non-printing area of plate and it gives a clear and strong impression.

  • Flexo printing Flexo printing, a kind of relief printing, is a form of printing which uses a flexible resin or rubber plate and solvent-based ink.
  • Letterpress printing Letterpress printing, a form of printing which is similar to engraving, is the art of applying ink to convex parts using a roller and pressing paper on them.

Intaglio printing

Fill the engraved printing area with ink. It costs less but it has distinctive print effects.

  • Gravure printing This form of printing enables rich gradation and produces excellent reproductions of pictures. This is mainly used for printing in large quantities.

Stencil printing

A stencil printing plate consists of a mesh with tiny holes in the printing area. Ink passes through the holes and is applied to a printing object.

  • Silkscreen printing Silkscreen printing enables intense expressions and printings on curved surfaces that cannot be produced by other methods and a variety of ink can be used for this printing. A thick layer of ink can be applied and clear printing can be obtained.

Lithographic printing

Lithographic printing is a chemical printing method based on the principle that oil and water do not easily mix. There is no height difference in printing and non-printing areas. By using a photochemical process, the printing areas of the plate are treated to accept oil and repel water while the non-printing areas are treated to accept water and repel oil.

  • Offset printing Offset printing is an indirect printing method in which the image is first printed on a rubber plate and then to paper.

Digital printing

Digital printing is a printing technique to print digital images by digital printer. It enables variable data printing and is useful for printing in small quantities and multiple varieties.

Combination printing

This refers to labels produced by more than two processes such as letterpress and silkscreen printing, letterpress and hot stamping printing, and silkscreen and hot stamping printing processes.
The order of processes is decided by product designs. Various processes are currently transforming into one process through Fine Webtech Label Solution System's flexo printer.

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